Content Is King

Now, more than ever, it’s all about real, substantive content – smart, targeted and interactive. For this reason, Blattel Communications professionals believe it’s critical that marketing communications be developed as a total cohesive package – rather than as a series of individual one-offs. In building and implementing an effective PR or marketing plan for your company, we take an integrated approach across a range of tactics and channels, leveraging both traditional and new media, to maximize results.

Over the years, we’ve built a formidable client base of professional services and business-to-business organizations. It includes law firms, real estate companies, financial services providers, business consultants, tech companies and trade associations.

Public Relations

In an era of citizen journalism and round-the-clock news reporting, effective PR requires ongoing communication. As business PR specialists, we know how to build strategic and compelling campaigns, navigate the changing media landscape, and leverage content across multiple platforms – all with the goal of establishing our clients as true industry leaders. More »


Powerful marketing is more than just materials and images. It’s about strategies, presence and knowing a client’s demographics. We bring years of business-to-business experience to bear in conceiving campaigns that resonate with our clients’ clients, and we know when and how to deliver messages for the greatest impact. In devising and implementing your campaign, we draw from our network of established professionals to assemble the best and most appropriate team. More »

Crisis Communications

Smart, fast, focused. Our crisis communications programs go directly to the heart of the matter and have consistently proven that media, used effectively, can be a powerful tool for controlling negative publicity. More »

  • "I have had a long history with Blattel Communications and when I joined Grant Thornton, I brought them on board to focus on increasing our firm’s visibility in the Greater Bay Area. They understand how to work with busy professionals and employ smart communication strategies that evolve with the news of the day, which regularly generated substantive results in our priority media outlets."
  • – Jamileh Moeen, Former Marketing Manager, Grant Thornton LLP Greater Bay Area