Chuck Brown Account Supervisor

Chuck is a business-to-business communications specialist with a track record that ranges across a wide swath of industries. A fast study, he knows how to quickly gain a solid understanding of almost any subject and can adeptly and smoothly switch gears from project to project with no hiccups in between.

Over the course of his diverse career, Chuck cultivated an aptitude for out-of-the box marketing, advertising and PR. His job today, as a Blattel Communications account supervisor, finds him pitching, writing and placing stories that establish clients as thought leaders. His relationships with traditional and new media reporters have landed our agency’s clients in major print, online and electronic media outlets. Chuck also is the authority when it comes to wielding social media sites and is the go-to-guy when a colleague needs a technology question answered.

Philosophy: Client service is about communication and keeping an even keel. You have to be responsive and always put your best foot forward no matter how challenging the circumstances may be. When a problem arises, don’t get bogged down in the details. Look at the situation calmly so you can devise the best solution.

In the Office

In addition to staying on top of technology and social media trends, Chuck has the uncanny ability to tell compelling stories, securing our clients spots on many of the top industry award rankings and lists. When he’s not writing, pitching stories or submitting for awards, Chuck spends his time reading the Daily Journal, The Recorder, San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times and Law360 and checking his favorite websites, which include Gawker, Wall Street Journal Law Blog, and Reuters.

Away From the Office

Chuck is a multi-faceted man. A devout New York Mets fan, Chuck finds a way to combine business trips with visits to baseball stadiums around the country. His goal is to see all of them before he is 45. His favorite vacation destination is Key West, Florida. There’s a reason for that, too. He loves roadside Americana, and he and his wife enjoy nothing more than checking out the wealth of kitsch that Florida is known for. His more serious side can be seen in his mentoring of college students seeking careers in business. As a 15-year member of the international business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, he teaches students ways to apply their course work to building a foundation for their future.
  • What You Might Also Want to Know About Chuck...
  • Favorite Movie(s):
    True Romance
  • Favorite Book(s):
    Usually whatever I am reading at the time
  • Favorite Food:
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  • Best Advice:
    Simply... learn from your mistakes