Ellen BlattelCEO

(415) 413-4521

What do you do for clients in a nutshell? How would you describe your work to a distant relative who you haven’t seen in years?

Our tagline says it all! We bring business to business! We help clients drive revenue by integrating public relations and marketing communications with business development – everything from getting third-party endorsements from media by having clients quoted in key publications to speaking in front of targeted audiences to writing articles that potential and existing clients read, and developing content for blogs and social media. We also handle crisis PR for clients facing a bad situation but wanting to avoid a potential disaster.

How did your path lead to Blattel Communications?

Wow! This was so long ago! But I initially fell into PR after working at a non-profit and decided this is what I was meant to do in life. After that, I moved up the ranks to Vice President at another agency, which led to serious interest in developing new clients and different areas of practice. A colleague of mine said that if I would start a company, she would help me get it off the ground. The concept was intriguing, and I did it! Blattel/Associates Public Relations was started with a clean slate – no clients – because I wanted to leave the other agency with integrity, so I didn’t solicit business from existing clients. Then, I began the cold calling! This was the beginning of the fabulous journey and a lot of work!

What is your “sweet spot” when helping client achieve their goals? What are you really good at?

Strategy and messaging! Whether it is for a program, a campaign, a website or crisis PR. It is all about positioning – identifying the best strategy and implementing it effectively with the right tactics to achieve success.

Best advice you give clients?

First, believe in yourself and your goals. Then, be strategic and targeted with your marketing efforts to achieve success.

What inspires you in life?

The love of my family and friends and my belief in myself.

When you are not knocking it out of the park for clients, how do you most like to spend your time?

This sounds corny but I love spending time with my husband (!!!), family, friends, and cats! Other than my husband and my cats, this usually involves eating great food, hiking, listening to great music and traveling.

What is your dream vacation?

OMG! This is a tough one because I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to all the continents of the world, ranging from Angkor Wat to frolicking with penguins in Antarctica to visiting museums in Paris. Whew! Every time I come back from a long vacation, I say “that was the best vacation.” My dream vacation is to actually live in another country for about six months – it could definitely be one of the many places I’ve visited, but I want to become a real life temporary local. Because I’ve taken a vacation “of a lifetime” once each year, the hard part becomes deciding where to “go local.”

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