Rich Chernela Senior Consultant

A seasoned public relations professional with deep experience across a wide range of industries, Rich Chernela works from the premise that the best way to raise a client’s profile is to leverage the intersection between its business and what’s going on in the news. He’s stood at the center of this intersection for many years, including during the 12 years he spent in government dealing with a complex regulatory issues.

Based in New York City, Rich is an advocate, “The client comes first.” He devotes a considerable amount of time to building and strengthening the agency’s East Coast client relationships. He understands what keeps them awake at night, as well as their goals and challenges. At the same time, he knows how journalists think and what makes a story newsworthy. He uses this knowledge to construct savvy media relations strategies that promote his clients’ best interests and helps them become thought leaders in their fields.

Philosophy: To be effective, it is essential that the public relations strategy be in sync with each client’s marketing and business development plan and the PR team understands the role of the media relative to a client’s goals.

In the Office

Rich is a scholar of his clients’ businesses and industries. He delves deeply into their histories and the ways they function, so he can have a comprehensive understanding of their businesses and develop effective strategies to promote clients in their particular markets and beyond. Rich is also a good listener. He believes that is the only way to get inside a client’s head. That focus has given Rich a broad understanding of the many industries that drive our economy today, making him an invaluable resource for the Blattel Communications team, as well as clients.

Away From the Office

Rich is an avid runner and a devoted New York Mets fan. And because he constantly follows the news, his passionate interest in current events never wavers. So, even when he’s out of the office, Rich always stays on top of the news – especially as it pertains to clients, including perusing his favorite media resources, which include The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, as well as CNN, NPR and the Nightly News Hour, to name just a few. Aside from tracking top stories during his leisure time, Rich also is actively involved in New York public relations organizations and regularly speaks to college audiences about the public relations profession.
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  • Favorite Movie(s):
    Casablanca and The Godfather
  • Favorite Book(s):
    John Updike’s Rabbit books; just about anything written by Philip Roth along with The Great Gatsby, The Sun Also Rises, The USA Trilogy and Everything is Illuminated
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