Traci Stuart President

Directed and steadfast to lead in the industry, Traci guides the agency in the areas of client service, public outreach and integrated marketing strategies. She manages our internal resources – assessing business structure, employee aptitude and information technology – and is dedicated to serving clients at the highest level. Traci endeavors to target the agency’s service offerings to help clients achieve market-leading positions.

Traci is known for never doing anything half-way. A fierce protector of clients’ best interests, she takes her role as a communications specialist seriously. She isn’t afraid to deliver the tough message when appropriate, albeit with care and respect, because she knows the agency’s end game is always about positive results. Traci is very much a realist when setting client expectations and works collaboratively with clients to forge strategies that have the foresight and planning to maximize the desired results.

Traci has a similar straightforward relationship with the media. Honest and direct, she looks for the overlap between clients’ and journalists’ needs so that the result is beneficial to both sides. She takes a personal interest in everyone she works with – clients, reporters and colleagues – and her regard can be seen in the many connections, alliances and friendships she has built over her career. Traci has been with the agency for more than 15 years and in PR for more than 20. Clearly focused on our delivery, direction and future, Traci’s vision and energy take Blattel Communications to the next level.

Philosophy: I’m very client focused. I won’t sling the spin if there’s no “there” there. I’ll explain the reason a particular marketing or communications tactic isn’t a wise choice and offer an alternative plan that will put the clients’ business ahead of the competition. It’s all about the results.

In the Office

Traci is driven by curiosity, which is one reason she’s good at her job. She likes to learn things as she goes along and immerses herself in such publications as the San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times, BusinessWeek, American Lawyer, National Law Journal, The Recorder and Daily Journal, as well as a number of regional business journals, blogs, social media sites and online news outlets to make sure she’s informed of the latest. She also counts CNN, NPR and a half dozen regional news programs as go-to resources for monitoring breaking news and business trends. In addition to counseling clients on PR strategies that will land coverage in traditional news outlets, Traci develops public relations programs to coincide with an evolving media landscape, including the integration of social media and networking platforms.

Away From the Office

Traci’s curious nature translates to her life outside the office. When not immersed in publications for business, some of her must reads include Sunset, Real Simple, and San Francisco and Diablo magazines. And, because of her passion for cooking, she is often found nose down in Bon Appetit or the Tablehopper newsletter, finding new and savory recipes or restaurants. On the weekends, Traci spends time with her husband and two kids. She and her family are outdoors as much as possible attending soccer games, heading to the local farmer’s market, taking in nature on weekend camping trips, or just hanging out in the yard. She also indulges her competitive board and video game streak. She’s a word game whiz and claims she can rock the Guitar Hero in a manner that completely belies her self-confessed lack of musical talent or ability.
  • What You Might Also Want to Know About Traci...
  • Favorite Movie(s):
  • Favorite Book(s):
    The Joy of Cooking, The Associated Press Stylebook and Strunk and White’s Elements of Style
  • Favorite Food:
    Anything that includes avocado as a key ingredient
  • Favorite Musician/Band:
    It depends on my mood entirely
  • Best Advice:
    If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all