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Why You Should Tweet

I am continually amazed at the number of people who still seem to think Twitter is for the birds. Think of a corporation or journalist and they are on Twitter. For professional service firms, many of their clients are on Twitter, but they themselves eschew the popular microblogging service.

It’s time for more professional service companies to dip their toes in.

Here are three compelling reasons to start even a rudimentary news feed:

  • Have a Presence on Mobile Devices: As reported in October is via mobile devices. Great Twitter apps already exist, meaning you can reach people in their leisure time on a device of their choosing while they scroll through the news of the day. You don’t need to build an App that will collect dust on the shelf; you need to become part of one that is an essential part of the smartphone experience for millions.
  • Twitter is the Real Time Search Engine: 800 million searches occur per day on Twitter. When news consumers and journalists want breaking news (as in seconds ago), they search Twitter.
  • Twitter Helps you Reach a Targeted Audience: By strategically following  bloggers, business development prospects, clients, journalists and publications you can help your news reach and, in the process understand, your desired audience.

BONUS: It’s free!  Increasingly, it seems, all businesses will be on Twitter. Take the plunge and preserve and promote your good name in front of the site’s massive audience. You have little to lose and much to gain.

–  Michael Bond

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