Peter Shaplen Chief Strategist

Peter is Blattel Communications’ chief media strategist. A big-picture, no-nonsense guy, Peter can immediately distinguish inspired ideas from those that have outlived their effectiveness, and has no problem saying so. He also relishes the chance to create something both better and fresh. A media veteran, Peter has spent most of his career in the newsroom. His decades in the business have made him as much a critic of the media as a proponent. As such, he knows what the media wants and counsels clients on constructing and delivering messages that break through the clutter.

A fierce listener, he works in conjunction with Blattel Communcations’ account teams and clients to devise PR strategies and campaigns that exploit new and old media. While acknowledging he doesn’t have all the answers, he’s always on the hunt for new and better ones. Nothing stops him from doing his best to develop compelling messages and articulating them to the audiences that matter most.

Philosophy: My value is in my approach. I have the history, experience and scar tissue from being in the media my whole life. I try to shape reasonable expectations for my clients and guide them to understand that saturation has made consumers more critical and skeptical. Failure to keep that in mind when addressing their goals will result in failure 90 percent of the time. Success is marked by solid messages crafted and delivered by compelling spokespeople who embrace their audiences and in turn generate appreciation and even motivation.

In the Office

Peter admits he has difficulty separating inside the office from outside. Because he loves what he does, he’s tuned in to global happenings every day of the week. For example, on any given day, he can be found consuming myriad news sites and blogs, and monitoring the major networks. His cell phone bill is out of control from check-ins and calls with colleagues worldwide. Peter also takes great pleasure in conducting rigorous interviews, which he considers a 21st Century blood sport. Content does matter – if you’re out to spin or sell Peter will expose how and why you won’t be heard.

Away From the Office

On a personal level, Peter has two grown children living in Southern California. When he does tear himself away from his vocation, Peter enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, spending time with his wife and many friends and cavorting with his two golden retrievers.
  • What You Might Also Want to Know About Peter...
  • Favorite Movie(s):
    Wag the Dog, Blazing Saddles, To Have and Have Not
  • Favorite Book(s):
    I love plays. On the top of the list are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Stoppard) and The Time of Your Life (Saroyan)
  • Favorite Food:
    Dim Sum, Chinese, Sushi, Italian, Indian – see – life demands more than just one!
  • Best Advice:
    Be quick to listen and slow to speak