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Creating Value and Other Aspects of a Successful Blog

Today, Mashable identified the top small business blogs.  Although, those highlighted are mainly consumer-oriented, the same rules of blogging apply no matter the type of business.  I’m regularly asked what makes a good blog. The first rule of thumb is value.  Is the content you’re providing a benefit to your readership?  If so, your readers will be sure to stick around.  Here are a few other tips/suggestions for creating a successful blog:


Are you posting regularly?  Are you adhering to a schedule so that your subscribers know when they can expect an entry?  Be sure that you create a realistic posting schedule that your firm or company can stick to.


We live in a 24-hour news cycle.  With that being said, it is essential that your blog is creating conversation about timely topics.  Law firms, that means important case decisions must be blogged about the day they happen; otherwise, your competitors will certainly beat you to the punch.


How can you set your blog apart from the rest of the world?  The five businesses mentioned in the Mashable piece use a variety of visual effects, including video and appealing photos, to showcase their offerings.  For the B2B community, you can do the same. You don’t need high cost professional video.  Invest in a Flip camera and shoot some video that captures the subject matter or interview savvy spokespeople that can discuss the topic at hand.

Readable Content

Make sure that your content is easy to read.  If you are addressing a technical topic, write in a way that the average reader can understand.  Be sure to include bullet points, text breaks and sub-headings for more lengthy posts.  Don’t lose readers on a formatting technicality.

So, I hope I’ve presented you with relevant, easy-to-read content that provided value.

Happy blogging!

– Jen Klein

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