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Find Your Inner Shutterbug and Get Snapping! Kanye Approves.

As technology continues to evolve year after year, that tiny computer in your pocket adds more features and capabilities that make its originally intended use – talking on the phone – somewhat of nonessential. The amount of ways people communicate and access information on their phone are endless, and we live in a world where posting photos and videos of your life events are a form of communication in itself. With the advanced cameras included in today’s phones, we are far removed from the grainy, poorly lit and worthless images taken in the early to mid-2000s. Now we have access to high-definition photos and 4K videos that can be augmented with filters, lighting, colors, panorama, selfies and even VR.

Long gone are the days where we need bulky professional camera equipment to get a professional looking and beautiful shot. In fact, Kanye West snapped a picture with his iPhone that became the album art for his recently released 8th studio album, Ye. Inspiration can strike at any moment, and for Mr. West, it happened to strike on the way to his album listening party when he saw a beautiful mountain range in Wyoming.

If a decorated and global rock star like Kanye West can use the camera on his phone for his highly anticipated album, professional services companies can take better advantage of their devices to promote themselves. Below are a few of the top ways and benefits of using phones for multimedia:

The camera in our pocket is continually improving and is always right at hand when the mood strikes.

Are you hosting an event? Has the company received an award? Do you want to show off your new office digs? There are so many reasons to take a picture and now, more than ever, you can do so with the high-quality technology that shows your company in the best light.

Memory is abundant and bad photos can be deleted with one click. There is no cost to becoming a shutterbug.

 This is especially apparent when taking group photos. If one person doesn’t look quite right, it can throw the entire picture off. By taking multiple photos, it increases your chances of getting a shot that everyone is happy with in the end.

Professional photos are wonderful, but expensive and require advance preparation. Supplement them with phone images.

Given the amount of equipment and prep that goes into hiring a professional photographer, sometimes they don’t always capture the essence of the company or an event that you are hosting. Those photos can appear forced or stale. Getting candid photos with your phone show the personality of the company and its employees.

Stop taking pictures of tables! Be creative.

Kanye featured mountains – at least zoom past the ubiquitous white tablecloths at events and frame your shots. The more variety there is in your photos, the more likely your social media followers will look at and “like” them.

Photos feed social media feeds, outtakes and extras now have a home and can enrich your channels. 

Back to the whole concept of “more is better,” take video, candids and funny photos to give your social media pages life and showoff company culture.

— Joey Telucci

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