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“Election Year PR: Challenges and Opportunities for Law Firms” on

Political discourse can be tricky. A potential lightning rod for law firms, many will steer clear of anything that comes close to expressing opinions about issues raised during an election cycle.

That said, when done skillfully, law firms have an opportunity to leverage the election season to amplify visibility and engage relevant practice areas.

In their recent co-authored piece “Election Year PR: Challenges and Opportunities for Law Firms,” which ran on ALM’s, Traci Stuart and Elizabeth Lampert offered some advice for effectively navigating the political landscape and using the topics raised during an election year as a springboard for fresh, relevant content. From building relationships with journalists to hosting educational events for clients, there are many ways to demonstrate your thought leadership and provide valuable insights without stepping over the line. In the article, Traci and Elizabeth share several actionable strategies that firms can undertake while avoiding the pitfalls associated with politically charged conversations.

You can check out the full article on the website (subscription required).

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