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Talent Begets Talent: How to Use Media Relations to Attract Superstars

Commercial Real Estate Women’s San Francisco chapter (CREW SF) kicked off 2020 with a sold out “Leadership in Tech: Women of Inspiration Luncheon” on January 22. Moderated by newly inducted 2020 CREW SF President Samantha Low, director at Cushman & Wakefield and co-founder of TenantSee, the panel – Julie Zhuo, VP of Product Design at Facebook and author of The Making of a Manager, and Susan Rozakis, Director of Real Estate & Construction, Bay Area at Google – shared anecdotal experiences on how they’ve elevated themselves within traditionally male-dominated-industries and the qualities that make good leaders.

From Left: Susan Rozakis, Julie Zhuo, Samantha Low

While Zhuo and Rozakis each have unique career paths, a commonality for both panelists in the early stages was acute awareness that there were very few women peers they could turn to for advice and to share ideas – a challenge that endures. In today’s workplace, where talent begets talent and insight into company culture is a Glassdoor search away, showcasing a company’s appreciation for diversity and diverse leadership can often be a key differentiator in the race for top talent. Following are some tried-and-true, multi-pronged approaches that may help:

Award programs are an excellent way to shine a light on the (diverse) backgrounds that contribute to company success. The Silicon Valley Business Journal‘s “Women of Influence” and the San Francisco Business Times’ “Outstanding LGBTQ Business Leaders in the Bay Area” award programs can provide a vehicle for broadcasting an inclusive company culture, supporting recruitment efforts and highlighting the efforts of a nominee. Recognition on these lists makes your company an attractive target for others with similar experiences who seek to leverage their talents and strengths in a diverse and inclusive environment that appreciates hard work and good ideas. Even without a “win,” putting forth a team member for consideration is a huge show of faith that they are a visible and celebrated member of your organization and a valued colleague.

Encourage byline article writing and publishing. Developing articles for trade publications and newsletters not only leverages the technical acumen within the company, but also garners exposure for the different personalities that contribute to that thought leadership. As potential recruits comb through your website, they will almost certainly land on the “News and Publication” page you surely have in place and seeing spokespeople of varied backgrounds can be attractive. The resulting placements serve as third-party credentials for your brand and showcase your company’s investment in its people.

Last, but not least, trade organization networking packs a powerful punch. These avenues provide opportunities for personal interaction with those in your industry space. Forums for potential recruits to connect directly with company leaders are openings for them to sing company praises and share insights into how they’ve been supported and encouraged. As with most networking, follow up is always important to keep the conversation going! Encourage your people to get out there and mingle. Share work stories, passions, collaborations, whatever floats your boat. Someone is likely to relate and want to hear more about how they might align with your company’s culture and expertise. Your company’s investment in its people could lead to landing some outstanding talent that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Vicky Jay

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