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PBS Auto-Tunes and Leverages Legends

Original, quality content is a great thing. PBS has a warehouse of great content. A challenge for them is how to connect to today’s varied demographics and leverage (and monetize through eyeballs and pledges) the rich vault of material they have. This is why the hit auto-tuned videos of Julia Child, Fred Rogers and Bob Ross are so clever. They tweaked content that had already been created to make something new and novel. The videos (below) are not only clever, they also are great marketing vehicles that introduce these luminaries to new audiences. As all three have, unfortunately, passed, finding ways to grow the audience and add some vigor to these franchises is crucial. The videos are not only fun, but they also highlight the unique personalities of all three, raising awareness of PBS and the brands virally and in the media.

Professional service companies often possess similar troves of content – new and old. Finding ways to generate more impact per article, blog post and presentation is critical. Just like with PBS, sometimes one has to think outside the box.

— Michael Bond

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